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FC Isloch Minsk Region - FC Minsk (0-0), Cup — latest Football results, statistics and series

isloch-minskiy-rayon FC Isloch Minsk Region

FC Isloch Minsk Region (BLR)

fk-minsk FC Minsk

FC Minsk (BLR)

Starting lineups

Starting lineups confirmed


Lineups formation

66.5 %

From the perfect composition

Starting lineups confirmed


Lineups formation

61.6 %

From the perfect composition

# Player Position Age Rating
31 Pavel Prishivalko Pavel Prishivalko G 22
3 Dmitri Aliseyko Dmitri Aliseyko D 30 0,3M+
4 Gleb Yakushevich Gleb Yakushevich D 20
33 Yevhenii Chahovets Yevhenii Chahovets D 23 0,2M+
57 Facundo Queiroz Facundo Queiroz D 24
10 Yegor Bogomolskiy Yegor Bogomolskiy F 22
7 Oleg Evdokimov Oleg Evdokimov M 27 0,3M+
22 Denis Kovalevski Denis Kovalevski D 29 0,3M+
8 Anton Shramchenko Anton Shramchenko F 29 0,4M+
99 Kiryl Zinovich Kiryl Zinovich M 20
9 Michael López Michael López F 25 0,2M+
16 Sergey Veremko Sergey Veremko G 40 0,1M+
13 Maksim Lutskiy Maksim Lutskiy D 19
70 Sulley Muniru Sulley Muniru M 30 0,2M+
19 Semen Stolbov Semen Stolbov M 18
60 Ostin Agwata Ostin Agwata F 20
6 Yegor Nikiporenok Yegor Nikiporenok F 19
78 Igor Zenkovich Igor Zenkovich F 35 0,3M+

FC Isloch Minsk Region - FC Minsk

Belarus, Cup, match FC Isloch Minsk Region - FC Minsk, start time 2021-04-06 16:00:00 international time.

FC Isloch Minsk Region and FC Minsk takes part in the championship Cup, Belarus.

The match will take place at the stadium KFP Minsk in the city Minsk, Belarus.

You can see the list of players in the squad, head coach and upcoming matches. Also evaluate in more detail the effectiveness and arithmetic average of the teams before the game:






KFP Minsk