ADR Jicaral Sercoba

Costa Rica (ADR Jicaral Sercoba CRI)

Player Roster

Total players
Average age
28 (100%)
1M+ €
Team cost
140K+ €
Average player value

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Kevin Fajardo Martinez Kevin Fajardo Martinez CRC D 31 245K+
5 Jason Prendas Jason Prendas CRC D 32 170K+
6 William Fernández William Fernández CRC D 26 155K+
26 Kevin Vega Kevin Vega CRC D 29 110K+
Francisco Flores Francisco Flores NCA D 33 97K+
5 Rafael Núñez Rafael Núñez CRC D 37 97K+
Esteban Cano Esteban Cano D
11 Giovannie Clunie Giovannie Clunie CRC D

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
20 Joaquin Verges Joaquin Verges URU F 28 235K+
77 Javier Camareno Javier Camareno CRC F 23 105K+
29 Juan Vicente Solís Juan Vicente Solís CRC F 33 95K+
23 Omar López Omar López MEX F 31
11 Rodrigo Garita Rodrigo Garita CRC F
Jose Torres Jose Torres F
Joshua Parra Joshua Parra F
9 Kennedy Rocha Kennedy Rocha F
19 Kendall Gallardo Kendall Gallardo F
31 Cristhiam Lagos Navarro Cristhiam Lagos Navarro F 36

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
18 Nestor Monge Nestor Monge CRC M 31 220K+
13 Kevin Patiño Kevin Patiño CRC M 28 135K+
Walter Chevez Walter Chevez CRC M 35 130K+
José Carlos Pérez José Carlos Pérez CRC M 33 97K+
15 Yonaike Mora Yonaike Mora CRC M 21 73K+
24 Luis José Gutiérrez Luis José Gutiérrez CRC M 22
Alejandro Bran Alejandro Bran M

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
27 Habraham González Habraham González
31 Andres Porras Andres Porras CRC
Johan Canales Johan Canales CRC

ADR Jicaral Sercoba

Football, Costa Rica, Team ADR Jicaral Sercoba. Original team name: ADR Jicaral Sercoba.

In the team ADR Jicaral Sercoba 28 players. Legionnaires composed of: 28 (100%). Average age of team players 29,9 years. The total value of the team players is 1,964,000 €. The highest-paid player ADR Jicaral Sercoba is Kevin Fajardo Martinez. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

José Giacone — head coach of the team ADR Jicaral Sercoba. José Giacone spent 357 of the match as part of the team coach ADR Jicaral Sercoba. Won 136 wins, 110 draws and 111 defeats. Points scored: 518. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 10 10
Average total games 1.95 1.9 2
Average goals scored 0.9 1.2 0.6
Average goals conceded 1.05 0.7 1.4

Relative indicators

Over: 65%
Under: 35%
Total 1.5
Over: 35%
Under: 65%
Total 2.5
Over: 10%
Under: 90%
Total 3.5


José Giacone
José Giacone
Date of birth
Favorite scheme
Total games
136 (38.1%)
110 (30.8%)
111 (31.1%)
Points scored
Average points per game