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AS FAR Rabat

AS FAR Rabat

Morocco (AS FAR Rabat MAR)

AS FAR Rabat Player Roster


Total players

16 (57.1%)


4 188 000 €

Team cost

299 143 €

Average player value


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
27 Ahmed Hammoudan Ahmed Hammoudan MAR M 32 1,1M+
13 Najji Larbi Najji Larbi MAR M 32 0,9M+
33 Lamine Diakité Lamine Diakité CIV M 32 0,4M+
40 Abdelfettah Hadraf Abdelfettah Hadraf MAR M 25 0,2M+
99 Zinedine Derrag Zinedine Derrag MAR M 22 0,2M+
17 Youssef Arbidi Youssef Arbidi MAR M 25 0,1M+
34 Mohamed Rabie Hrimat Mohamed Rabie Hrimat MAR M 26 0,1M+
24 Zouhair Marour Zouhair Marour MAR M 26


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
16 El Mehdi Benabid El Mehdi Benabid MAR G 25 0,4M+


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
19 Anouar Tarkhatt Anouar Tarkhatt MAR D 28 0,3M+
33 Et-Tayeb Boukhriss Et-Tayeb Boukhriss MAR D 24 0,1M+
27 Messie Biatoumoussoka Messie Biatoumoussoka CGO D 25 0,1M+
3 Emmanuel Imanishimwe Emmanuel Imanishimwe RWA D 28


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
33 Bernard Morrison Bernard Morrison GHA F 30 0,2M+
27 Alaeddine Ajaray Alaeddine Ajaray MAR F 30 0,2M+
7 Zakaria Habti Zakaria Habti MAR F 25 0,1M+
28 Ismail Ouro-Agoro Ismail Ouro-Agoro TOG F 27

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Hamza Igamane Hamza Igamane
Mohamed Moufid Mohamed Moufid
Hatim Essaouabi Hatim Essaouabi
Khalid Ourkane Khalid Ourkane
Amine Zouhzouh Amine Zouhzouh
Moncef Amri Moncef Amri
Ayoub El Khayati Ayoub El Khayati
Abdessamad Ammal Abdessamad Ammal
Ayoub Assout Ayoub Assout
Youssef Tafay Youssef Tafay
El Kouri Cheikhi El Kouri Cheikhi

AS FAR Rabat

Football, Morocco, Team AS FAR Rabat. Original team name: AS FAR Rabat.

AS FAR Rabat takes part in the championship CAF Champions League. You can find the championship standings, current results of the teams and the schedule of upcoming matches on the page: Standings CAF Champions League.

In the team AS FAR Rabat 28 players. Legionnaires composed of: 16 (57.1%). The total value of the team players is 0 €. The highest-paid player AS FAR Rabat is Ahmed Hammoudan. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

Nasreddine Nabi — head coach of the team AS FAR Rabat. Nasreddine Nabi spent 38 of the match as part of the team coach AS FAR Rabat. Won 16 wins, 11 draws and 11 defeats. Points scored: 59. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

The main stadium of the AS FAR Rabat team is Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, Morocco. Stadium capacity Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium is 65 200 people.

Team Next Match AS FAR Rabat will take place 2023-09-30 18:30:00: AS FAR Rabat Etoile Sportive Du Sahel . On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 10 10
Average total games 2.5 2.6 2.4
Average goals scored 1.7 2 1.4
Average goals conceded 0.8 0.6 1
Corner kicks 4.25 4.7 3.8
Yellow cards 0.9 0.8 1

Relative indicators







Over: 65%

Under: 35%

Total 1.5

Over: 45%

Under: 55%

Total 2.5

Over: 25%

Under: 75%

Total 3.5


Nasreddine Nabi

Nasreddine Nabi




Total games

16 (42.1%)


11 (28.9%)


11 (28.9%)



Points scored


Average points per game






Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium


65 200