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Aston Villa WFC – team performance Football, England

Aston Villa WFC

Aston Villa WFC

England (Aston Villa WFC ENG)

Aston Villa WFC Player Roster


Total players

21 (52.5%)



Overall player rating


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
23 Nadine Hanssen Nadine Hanssen NED M 27
8 Remi Allen Remi Allen ENG M 30
7 Gemma Davison Gemma Davison ENG M 34
19 Laura Brown Laura Brown ENG M 19
10 Kenza Dali Kenza Dali FRA M 31
8 Jordan Nobbs Jordan Nobbs ENG M 30
12 Lucy Staniforth Lucy Staniforth ENG M 30


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
6 Anita Asante Anita Asante ENG D 36
8 Chloe Arthur Chloe Arthur SCO D 27
4 Ella Franklin-Fraiture Ella Franklin-Fraiture ENG D 24
15 Natalie Haigh Natalie Haigh ENG D 21
2 Sarah Mayling Sarah Mayling ENG D 24
16 Meaghan Sargeant Meaghan Sargeant ENG D 27
3 Mayumi Pacheco Mayumi Pacheco ENG D 22
15 Anna Patten Anna Patten ENG D 24
6 Rachel Corsie Rachel Corsie SCO D 33 50
Danielle Turner Danielle Turner ENG D 29


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Charlotte Clarke Charlotte Clarke ENG G
1 Hannah Hampton Hannah Hampton ENG G 20
21 Anna Leat Anna Leat NZL G 21
21 Anna Leat Anna Leat NZL G 21

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Olivia McLoughlin Olivia McLoughlin ENG
Laura Blindkilde Laura Blindkilde
Anna Draper Anna Draper
Freya Gregory Freya Gregory
Georgia Mullet Georgia Mullet
Amy West Amy West
Alice Keitley Alice Keitley
Megan Shaw Megan Shaw
Martha MacPhail Martha MacPhail
Ruby Tucker Ruby Tucker


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Isobel Goodwin Isobel Goodwin ENG F 18
7 Alisha Lehmann Alisha Lehmann SUI F 24
Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah ENG F 25
16 Ruesha Littlejohn Ruesha Littlejohn IRL F 31
9 Emily Gielnik Emily Gielnik AUS F 30
22 Simone Magill Simone Magill NIR F 28
Natasha Harding Natasha Harding WAL F 32
8 Rachel Daly Rachel Daly ENG F 31 59
18 Kirsty Hanson Kirsty Hanson SCO F 23

Aston Villa WFC

Football, England, Team Aston Villa WFC. Original team name: Aston Villa WFC.

In the team Aston Villa WFC 40 players. Legionnaires composed of: 21 (52.5%).

Carla Ward — head coach of the team Aston Villa WFC.

The main stadium of the Aston Villa WFC team is Bescot Stadium in Walsall, England. Stadium capacity Bescot Stadium is 11 300 people.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 10 10
Average total games 4 4.4 3.6
Average goals scored 2.55 2.7 2.4
Average goals conceded 1.45 1.7 1.2

Relative indicators







Over: 95%

Under: 5%

Total 1.5

Over: 70%

Under: 30%

Total 2.5

Over: 40%

Under: 60%

Total 3.5


Carla Ward

Carla Ward




Date of birth






Bescot Stadium


11 300