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Azerbaijan U21

Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan U21 AZE)

Player Roster

Total players
3 (10.3%)
881 000 €
Team cost
125 857 €
Average player value

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
44 Elvin Dzhafarquliyev Elvin Dzhafarquliyev AZE M 21 0,3M+
28 Sabuhi Abdullazada Sabuhi Abdullazada AZE M 20 0,2M+
77 Adilxan Garahmadov Adilxan Garahmadov AZE M 21 0,1M+
21 Ismayil Zulfugarli Ismayil Zulfugarli AZE M 21 0,1M+
20 Rufat Abdullazada Rufat Abdullazada AZE M 21 0,1M+
14 Turan Valizada Turan Valizada AZE M 21 0,1M+
Asim Alizada Asim Alizada AZE M 22
27 Farid Yusifli Farid Yusifli AZE M 20
Tabriz Isazade Tabriz Isazade AZE M 20
Emil Mustafaev Emil Mustafaev AZE M 21
29 Ceyhun Nuriyev Ceyhun Nuriyev AZE M 21
66 Abdulakh Khaybulaev Abdulakh Khaybulaev RUS M 20

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
2 Mert Celik Mert Celik AZE D 22 0,0M+
5 Rauf Huseynli Rauf Huseynli AZE D 21
5 Arsen Agcabayov Arsen Agcabayov AZE D 22
83 Nihad Guliyev Nihad Guliyev AZE D 21
24 Zamiq Aliyev Zamiq Aliyev AZE D 21
12 Rufat Ahmadov Rufat Ahmadov AZE D 20
Ibragim Huseinov Ibragim Huseinov GEO D 22

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
94 Nicat Mehbalyev Nicat Mehbalyev AZE G 20
27 Akpar Valiyev Akpar Valiyev AZE G 19
Yusif Imanov Yusif Imanov AZE G 19

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
22 Musa Qurbanli Musa Qurbanli AZE F 20
21 Ildar Alekperov Ildar Alekperov AZE F 21
Emil Safarov Emil Safarov AZE F 18
97 Rustam Ahmedzadeh Rustam Ahmedzadeh AZE F 21
19 Murad Velijev Murad Velijev AZE F 20
Musa Gurbanli Musa Gurbanli AZE F 20

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Shakir Seyidov Shakir Seyidov

Azerbaijan U21

Football, Azerbaijan, Team Azerbaijan U21. Original team name: Azerbaijan U21.

In the team Azerbaijan U21 29 players. Legionnaires composed of: 3 (10.3%). The total value of the team players is 0 €. The highest-paid player Azerbaijan U21 is Elvin Dzhafarquliyev. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

Milan Obradovic — head coach of the team Azerbaijan U21. Milan Obradovic spent 47 of the match as part of the team coach Azerbaijan U21. Won 16 wins, 7 draws and 24 defeats. Points scored: 55. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Milan Obradovic
Milan Obradovic
Date of birth
Total games
16 (34%)
7 (14.9%)
24 (51.1%)
Points scored
Average points per game