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Birkirkara FC

Malta (Birkirkara FC MLT)

Player Roster

Total players
15 (40.5%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
10 Christabel Oduro Christabel Oduro CAN F 28
Loza Abera Loza Abera ETH F 23

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
2 Veronique Mifsud Veronique Mifsud MLT M 18
Gabriella Zahra Gabriella Zahra MLT M 30
3 Ann-Marie Said Ann-Marie Said MLT M 27
9 Alishia Sultana Alishia Sultana MLT M 24
8 Tracy Teuma Tracy Teuma MLT M 30
13 Raina Giusti Raina Giusti MLT M 24
Micallef Kaycee Micallef Kaycee MLT M 18
23 Mariah Cardona Mariah Cardona MLT M 17
25 Martina Cortis Martina Cortis MLT M 17
99 Izabella Camilleri Izabella Camilleri MLT M 16
Esther Anu Esther Anu ENG M 24

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
5 Stefania Farrugia Stefania Farrugia MLT D 29
17 Yasmeen Vella Yasmeen Vella MLT D 30
20 Michela Felice Michela Felice MLT D 19
7 Mariah Sciberras Mariah Sciberras MLT D 21
15 Rebecca Bajada Rebecca Bajada MLT D 26
27 Valentina Rapa Valentina Rapa MLT D 19
79 Martina Fenech Martina Fenech MLT D 16
Stephania Farrugia Stephania Farrugia MLT D 29
Samantha Zarb Samantha Zarb MLT D 19
Toma Abu Toma Abu NGR D 26
Jelena Sakic Jelena Sakic SRB D 28
16 Charlene Zammit Charlene Zammit MLT D 30
Gaia Milan Gaia Milan ITA D 19

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
1 Janice Xuereb Janice Xuereb MLT G 24
12 Maya Cachia Maya Cachia MLT G 16

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Tonina Dimech Tonina Dimech 60
Ruth Steer Chetham Ruth Steer Chetham
Kimberly Parnis Kimberly Parnis
Ileana Farrugia Ileana Farrugia
Flavia Rosario Fartaria Flavia Rosario Fartaria
Yasmeen-Marie Bajada Yasmeen-Marie Bajada
Grace Iaderosa Sofia Grace Iaderosa Sofia
Marta Grosso Marta Grosso
Erin White Erin White

Birkirkara FC

Football, Malta, Team Birkirkara FC. Original team name: Birkirkara FC.

In the team Birkirkara FC 37 players. Legionnaires composed of: 15 (40.5%).

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