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Cameroon U23 – team performance Football, Cameroon


Cameroon U23

Cameroon (Cameroon U23 CMR)

Player Roster

Total players
8 (42.1%)
1 617 000 €
Team cost
323 400 €
Average player value
Overall player rating

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
18 Franck Evina Franck Evina CMR F 22 0,8M+
17 Taddeus Fomakwang Taddeus Fomakwang CMR F 22 0,3M+
13 Stéphane Zobo Stéphane Zobo CMR F 22 0,1M+
Daniel Tueto Daniel Tueto CMR F 19
21 Johann Ngounou Djayo Johann Ngounou Djayo CMR F 21
18 Simion Michez Simion Michez BEL F 19

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
5 Guy-Marcelin Kilama Guy-Marcelin Kilama CMR D 23 0,3M+ 47
Jules Youmeni Jules Youmeni CMR D 24 0,1M+
13 Raphaël Anaba Raphaël Anaba CMR D 21
31 Kévin Keben Biakolo Kévin Keben Biakolo CMR D 18
4 Malcom Bokele Mputu Malcom Bokele Mputu CMR D 22

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Boris Ngoua Boris Ngoua
Morgan Bokele Mputu Morgan Bokele Mputu
Jordan Atouba Jordan Atouba
Tyrone Sakho Tyrone Sakho
Claude Eboumbou Dipoko Claude Eboumbou Dipoko
Ryan Tchato Ryan Tchato
Boris Junior Tchatou Boris Junior Tchatou

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
19 Sunday Jang Junior Sunday Jang Junior CMR M 18

Cameroon U23

Football, Cameroon, Team Cameroon U23. Original team name: Cameroon U23.

In the team Cameroon U23 19 players. Legionnaires composed of: 8 (42.1%). The total value of the team players is 0 €. The highest-paid player Cameroon U23 is Franck Evina. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

Guy Armand Feutchine — head coach of the team Cameroon U23. Guy Armand Feutchine spent 10 of the match as part of the team coach Cameroon U23. Won 1 wins, 0 draws and 9 defeats. Points scored: 3. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Guy Armand Feutchine
Guy Armand Feutchine
Date of birth
Total games
1 (10%)
0 (0%)
9 (90%)
Points scored
Average points per game