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Central African Republic

Central African Republic (Central African Republic CAF)

Player Roster

Total players
8 (14.8%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Trésor Toropité Trésor Toropité CAF M 26
34 Melky Ndokomandji Melky Ndokomandji CAF M 25
Jospin Gaopandia Jospin Gaopandia CAF M 22
19 Brad Pirioua Brad Pirioua CAF M 22
13 Soleil Mongolobao Soleil Mongolobao CAF M 20
9 Henoc Kpeko Damona Henoc Kpeko Damona CAF M 19
Bienvenu Mbailao Bienvenu Mbailao CAF M 26
Amorese Dertin Amorese Dertin CAF M 31
Cyrus Stéphane Grengou Cyrus Stéphane Grengou CAF M 28
Kenny Renaud Kenny Renaud CAF M
17 Donald Guesset-Bangagbi Donald Guesset-Bangagbi CAF M
Max Wilfried Gomesse Nguapoyi Max Wilfried Gomesse Nguapoyi CAF M 24

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Saint Cyr Ngam-Ngam Saint Cyr Ngam-Ngam CAF D 28
Sadock Ndobe Sadock Ndobe CAF D 22
Peter Guinari Peter Guinari CAF D 21
Thibault Ban Thibault Ban CAF D 24
Steve Freeman Niamathé Steve Freeman Niamathé CAF D 27
Slolney Dambakizi Slolney Dambakizi CAF D 26
51 Cyriaque Mayounga Cyriaque Mayounga CAF D 21
Herve Bongotoutet Herve Bongotoutet CAF D 27
Pelembi Pelembi CAF D 26
12 Marc Raphael Yapende Marc Raphael Yapende CAF D 20
Thibaut Ban Thibaut Ban CAF D 26

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Michaël Yangao Michaël Yangao CAF
Karl Namnganda Karl Namnganda
Emmanuel Takolingba Emmanuel Takolingba
Christopher Fourmy Christopher Fourmy
Bissafi Dotte Bissafi Dotte
Désiré N'Zogué Désiré N'Zogué
Jacob Nicanor Youmbi E'pandi Jacob Nicanor Youmbi E'pandi
Alladum Kolimba Alladum Kolimba
Ndokomandji Ndokomandji CAF
Mohanda Mohanda CAF
Kaya Kaya CAF
Yangao Yangao CAF
Samuel Nend Samuel Nend CAF

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Georgino M'Vondo Ze Georgino M'Vondo Ze CAF F 24
10 Saint-Fort Dimokoyen Saint-Fort Dimokoyen CAF F 29
15 Yawanendji Malipangou Yawanendji Malipangou CAF F 19
45 Manzoki Lobi Manzoki Lobi CAF F 27
Samuel Nlend Samuel Nlend CAF F 27
9 Quatohing Yassin Quatohing Yassin CMR F 22
7 Isaac Ngoma Isaac Ngoma CAF F 19
14 Fabrice Deanam Fabrice Deanam CAF F
7 Isaac Ngoma Isaac Ngoma CAF F 19

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Levant Gbawito Levant Gbawito CAF G 28
Prince Samolah Prince Samolah CAF G
22 Levan Gbawito Levan Gbawito CAF G
Elvis Samolah Elvis Samolah CAF G 34
16 Emmanuel Pennel Takolingba Emmanuel Pennel Takolingba CAF G 20
Prince Samola Prince Samola CAF G 37
Marcellin Biandao Marcellin Biandao CAF G 29
Francis Manda-Dansia Francis Manda-Dansia CAF G
Kolimba Kolimba CAF G

Central African Republic

Football, World, Team Central African Republic. Original team name: Central African Republic.

In the team Central African Republic 54 players. Legionnaires composed of: 8 (14.8%).

Raoul Savoy — head coach of the team Central African Republic. Raoul Savoy spent 76 of the match as part of the team coach Central African Republic. Won 19 wins, 28 draws and 29 defeats. Points scored: 85. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Raoul Savoy
Raoul Savoy
Date of birth
Total games
19 (25%)
28 (36.8%)
29 (38.2%)
Points scored
Average points per game