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Croatia U18

Croatia (Croatia U18 HRV)

Player Roster

Total players
28 (100%)
Overall player rating

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
40 Tin Sajko Tin Sajko CRO G 17
13 Luigi Mišević Luigi Mišević CRO G 18

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
14 Niko Gajzler Niko Gajzler CRO F 17
Gabrijel Rukavina Gabrijel Rukavina CRO F 17
30 Jere Vrcić Jere Vrcić CRO F 17
31 Roko Brajković Roko Brajković CRO F 17
30 Marin Žgomba Marin Žgomba CRO F 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
6 Simun Mikolcic Simun Mikolcic CRO M 18
8 Marin Soticek Marin Soticek CRO M 18
26 Marino Kukoč Marino Kukoč CRO M 18
10 Lovro Zvonarek Lovro Zvonarek CRO M 17 47

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Marko Capan Marko Capan
Luka Lukanić Luka Lukanić
Matej Matic Matej Matic
Andro Babic Andro Babic
Šimun Hrgović Šimun Hrgović
Kristijan Cabrajic Kristijan Cabrajic
Antonio Blažanović Antonio Blažanović
Noel Bodetic Noel Bodetic
Bruno Burcul Bruno Burcul
Lovro Gubijan Lovro Gubijan
Mihael Stipić Mihael Stipić

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
5 Domagoj Bukvić Domagoj Bukvić CRO D
20 Maro Katinić Maro Katinić CRO D 18
Rocco Zikovic Rocco Zikovic CRO D 17
21 Viktor Damjanić Viktor Damjanić CRO D 16
39 Antonio Tikvic Antonio Tikvic CRO D 18
26 Fabijan Krivak Fabijan Krivak CRO D 17

Croatia U18

Football, Croatia, Team Croatia U18. Original team name: Croatia U18.

In the team Croatia U18 28 players. Legionnaires composed of: 28 (100%).

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