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England U18

England (England U18 ENG)

Player Roster

Total players
6 (13.3%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Michael Olakigbe Michael Olakigbe ENG F 17
64 Sonny Perkins Sonny Perkins ENG F 18
72 Divin Mubama Divin Mubama ENG F 17
61 Jude Soonsup-Bell Jude Soonsup-Bell ENG F 18
27 Jobe Bellingham Jobe Bellingham ENG F 17
63 Jamie Donley Jamie Donley ENG F 17
53 Dominic Ballard Dominic Ballard ENG F 17
73 Joel Ndala Joel Ndala ENG F 16

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
45 Jack Wells-Morrison Jack Wells-Morrison ENG M 18
71 Charles Clive Webster Charles Clive Webster ENG M 18
67 Lewis Hall Lewis Hall ENG M 18
35 George Hall George Hall ENG M 18
89 Bradley Ibrahim Bradley Ibrahim ENG M 17
30 Oliver Arblaster Oliver Arblaster ENG M 18
44 Sammy Braybrooke Sammy Braybrooke ENG M 18
64 Leo Castledine Leo Castledine ENG M 17
75 Nico O’Reilly Nico O’Reilly ENG M 17
42 Bobby Clark Bobby Clark ENG M 17
73 Kobbie Mainoo Kobbie Mainoo ENG M 17
85 Amario Cozier-Duberry Amario Cozier-Duberry ENG M 17
67 Kane Taylor Kane Taylor ENG M 17
57 Will Alves Will Alves ENG M 17
Sam Rak-Sakyi Sam Rak-Sakyi ENG M 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
45 Zak Sturge Zak Sturge ENG D 18
68 Brodi Hughes Brodi Hughes ENG D 17
82 Rico Lewis Rico Lewis ENG D 17
Harvey Araujo Harvey Araujo ENG D 17
97 Reuell Walters Reuell Walters ENG D 17
18 Thierry Small Thierry Small ENG D 18
16 Benjamin Nelson Benjamin Nelson ENG D 18
96 Lino Da Cruz Sousa Lino Da Cruz Sousa ENG D 17
80 Tyler Fredricson Tyler Fredricson ENG D 17
59 Josh Feeney Josh Feeney ENG D 17
65 Alfie Dorrington Alfie Dorrington ENG D 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
42 Joseph Whitworth Joseph Whitworth ENG G 18
Tommy Simkin Tommy Simkin ENG G
61 James Beadle James Beadle ENG G 18
81 Tommy Reid Tommy Reid ENG G 17
Luca Gunter Luca Gunter ENG G 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Ranel Young Ranel Young
Max Alleyne Max Alleyne
Jacob Wright Jacob Wright
True Grant True Grant
Harry Whitwell Harry Whitwell
Sai Sachdev Sai Sachdev

England U18

Football, England, Team England U18. Original team name: England U18.

In the team England U18 45 players. Legionnaires composed of: 6 (13.3%).

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