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Fulham U21 – team performance Football, England

Fulham U21

Fulham U21

England (Fulham U21 ENG)

Fulham U21 Player Roster


Total players

24 (66.7%)



Overall player rating

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Stefan Parkes Stefan Parkes
Callum McFarlane Callum McFarlane
Michael Allen Michael Allen
Terrell Works Terrell Works
Delano Splatt Delano Splatt
Montague Conway Montague Conway
Jonathan Esenga Jonathan Esenga
Farhaan Ali Wahid Farhaan Ali Wahid
Luc Rollet De Fougerolles Luc Rollet De Fougerolles
Alfie Shane McNally Alfie Shane McNally
Matthew Max Dibley-Dias Matthew Max Dibley-Dias


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
47 Martial Godo Martial Godo ENG M 20
45 Kristian Sekularac Kristian Sekularac SUI M 18
14 Georgios Okkas Georgios Okkas CYP M 19
12 Sonny Hilton Sonny Hilton ENG M 22
Imani Lanquedoc Imani Lanquedoc ENG M 18
43 Connor McAvoy Connor McAvoy SCO M 21
38 Luke Harris Luke Harris WAL M 18
61 Jonathan Page Jonathan Page ENG M 21
19 Kieron Bowie Kieron Bowie SCO M 20
12 Sonny Hilton Sonny Hilton ENG M 22


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Charlie Robinson Charlie Robinson D
Luciano D'Auria-Henry Luciano D'Auria-Henry ENG D 19
Jay Williams Jay Williams WAL D 20
74 Idris Odutayo Idris Odutayo ENG D 18
26 Ziyad Larkeche Ziyad Larkeche FRA D 20
Devan Tanton Devan Tanton D


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
17 Sylvester Jasper Sylvester Jasper BUL F 21 52
37 Terry Ablade Terry Ablade FIN F 21
15 Oliver Sanderson Oliver Sanderson ENG F 18
9 Jay Stansfield Jay Stansfield ENG F 20 52
60 Jean-Pierre Tiehi Jean-Pierre Tiehi FRA F 21


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Alexander Borto Alexander Borto USA G 18
40 George Wickens George Wickens ENG G 21
12 Taye Ashby-Hammond Taye Ashby-Hammond ENG G 24 57
59 Luca Ashby-Hammond Luca Ashby-Hammond ENG G 22

Fulham U21

Football, England, Team Fulham U21. Original team name: Fulham U21.

In the team Fulham U21 36 players. Legionnaires composed of: 24 (66.7%).

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 13 7
Average total games 3.9 4.38 3
Average goals scored 2.15 2.31 1.86
Average goals conceded 1.75 2.08 1.14

Relative indicators







Over: 90%

Under: 10%

Total 1.5

Over: 80%

Under: 20%

Total 2.5

Over: 55%

Under: 45%

Total 3.5