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Gibraltar U19

Gibraltar (Gibraltar U19 GIB)

Player Roster

Total players
20 (54.1%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Davan Martin Davan Martin GIB M 18
16 Bilal Douah Bilal Douah GIB M 18
Ryan Azopardi Ryan Azopardi GIB M 19
Evan Busto Evan Busto GIB M 17
Rafi Emrani Rafi Emrani GIB M 17
Jesse Gomez Jesse Gomez GIB M 16
Kaydan Glynn Kaydan Glynn GIB M 17
Evan de Haro Evan de Haro GIB M 19

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
60 Finlay Cawthorn Finlay Cawthorn GIB F 18
James Caetano James Caetano GIB F 18
Liam Jessop Liam Jessop GIB F 17
Jonathan Sciortino Jonathan Sciortino GIB F 16

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Ellis Wilson Ellis Wilson
Kyle Rodriguez Kyle Rodriguez
Francis Huart Francis Huart
Kiri McGrail Kiri McGrail
Kye Livingstone Kye Livingstone
Lee Soiza Lee Soiza
Sean Perera Sean Perera
Stefan Thorne Stefan Thorne
Lewis Victor Lewis Victor
Tom Chakraverty Tom Chakraverty
Carl De Torres Carl De Torres
Jaydan Villa Jaydan Villa
Han Stevens Han Stevens
Jayme Colton Jayme Colton
Julian Soiza Julian Soiza
Kevan Gonzalez Kevan Gonzalez
Jayron Negron Jayron Negron
Lee Mifsud Lee Mifsud
Jyron Zammitt Jyron Zammitt
Bradley Avellano Bradley Avellano

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Julian Britto Julian Britto GIB D 17
Julian Laguea Julian Laguea GIB D 18
Leon Avellano Leon Avellano GIB D 18
Ayden Buckley Ayden Buckley GIB D 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Harry Victor Harry Victor GIB G 17

Gibraltar U19

Football, Gibraltar, Team Gibraltar U19. Original team name: Gibraltar U19.

In the team Gibraltar U19 37 players. Legionnaires composed of: 20 (54.1%).

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.