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Italy U19 – team performance Football, Italy

Italy U19

Italy U19

Italy (Italy U19 ITA)

Italy U19 Player Roster


Total players

11 (45.8%)



# Player Country Pos Age Rating
29 Elisa Pfattner Elisa Pfattner ITA F 18
29 Nicole Arcangeli Nicole Arcangeli ITA F 17
12 Alice Corelli Alice Corelli ITA F 17
24 Matilde Pavan Matilde Pavan ITA F 17
22 Agnese Bonfantini Agnese Bonfantini ITA F 23

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Chiara Beccari Chiara Beccari
Alice Ilaria Berti Alice Ilaria Berti
Victoria Della Peruta Victoria Della Peruta
Anastasia Ferrara Anastasia Ferrara
Eva Schatzer Eva Schatzer
Erin Maria Cesarini Erin Maria Cesarini
Marika Massimino Marika Massimino
Sofia Bertucci Sofia Bertucci
Chiara Robustellini Chiara Robustellini
Giorgia Arrigoni Giorgia Arrigoni ITA
Viola Bartalini Viola Bartalini


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Emma Severini Emma Severini ITA M 18
21 Arianna Caruso Arianna Caruso ITA M 23


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
28 Angela Passeri Angela Passeri ITA D 17
33 Alice Pellinghelli Alice Pellinghelli ITA D
Elena Battistini Elena Battistini ITA D 17


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
31 Meritxell Muñoz Meritxell Muñoz ESP G
Astrid Gilardi Astrid Gilardi ITA G 18
39 Beatrice Beretta Beatrice Beretta ITA G 18

Italy U19

Football, Italy, Team Italy U19. Original team name: Italy U19.

In the team Italy U19 24 players. Legionnaires composed of: 11 (45.8%).

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