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Lokomotiv Gomel – team performance Football, Belarus

Lokomotiv Gomel

Lokomotiv Gomel

Belarus (Lokomotiv Gomel BLR)

Lokomotiv Gomel Player Roster


Total players

3 (17.6%)


346 000 €

Team cost

86 500 €

Average player value


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
91 Ivan Zhestkin Ivan Zhestkin BLR M 30 0,1M+
12 Evgeni Milevski Evgeni Milevski BLR M 26 0,1M+
2 Andrey Kukharenok Andrey Kukharenok BLR M 36
19 Pavel Trofimchuk Pavel Trofimchuk BLR M 20
Vepa Zhumaev Vepa Zhumaev TKM M 21
3 Roman Danilkov Roman Danilkov BLR M 21


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
3 Dmitri Kaplunov Dmitri Kaplunov BLR D 29 0,1M+
3 Aleksandr Kuchinskiy Aleksandr Kuchinskiy BLR D 25
15 Artur Chuduk Artur Chuduk BLR D 25


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
10 Aleksandr Yanchenko Aleksandr Yanchenko BLR F 26 0,0M+
18 Evgeni Azerskiy Evgeni Azerskiy BLR F 26
97 Yuri Muzychenko Yuri Muzychenko BLR F 21
12 Aleksandr Butko Aleksandr Butko BLR F 26
14 Egor Shedko Egor Shedko BLR F 18


# Player Country Pos Age Rating
1 Andrey Silivonchik Andrey Silivonchik BLR G 33

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Egor Telepnev Egor Telepnev
Nikolay Starostenko Nikolay Starostenko

Lokomotiv Gomel

Football, Belarus, Team Lokomotiv Gomel. Original team name: Lokomotiv Gomel.

Lokomotiv Gomel takes part in the championship Pervaya Liga. You can find the championship standings, current results of the teams and the schedule of upcoming matches on the page: Standings Pervaya Liga.

In the team Lokomotiv Gomel 17 players. Legionnaires composed of: 3 (17.6%). The total value of the team players is 0 €. The highest-paid player Lokomotiv Gomel is Ivan Zhestkin. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

The main stadium of the Lokomotiv Gomel team is Stadyen DYuSSh-8 in Gomel, Belarus. Stadium capacity Stadyen DYuSSh-8 is 1 003 people.

Team Next Match Lokomotiv Gomel will take place 2023-04-01 13:00:00: Lokomotiv Gomel FC Molodechno . On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 8 12
Average total games 2.9 2.88 2.92
Average goals scored 1.55 1.5 1.58
Average goals conceded 1.35 1.38 1.33

Relative indicators







Over: 80%

Under: 20%

Total 1.5

Over: 65%

Under: 35%

Total 2.5

Over: 35%

Under: 65%

Total 3.5






Stadyen DYuSSh-8


1 003