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Madagascar (Madagascar MDG)

Player Roster

Total players
69 (100%)
14 412 000 €
Team cost
720 600 €
Average player value
Overall player rating

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
26 Marco Ilaimaharitra Marco Ilaimaharitra MAD M 27 3,8M+ 54
12 Anicet Abel Anicet Abel MAD M 32 3,0M+
97 Rayan Raveloson Rayan Raveloson MAD M 25 1,1M+ 54
94 Loic Lapoussin Loic Lapoussin MAD M 26 0,4M+ 58
6 Ibrahim Amada Ibrahim Amada MAD M 31 0,4M+
6 Andriamirado Andrianarimanana Andriamirado Andrianarimanana MAD M 31 0,3M+
8 Bastien Hery Bastien Hery MAD M 30 0,1M+
Jean Sylvio Ouassiero Jean Sylvio Ouassiero MAD M 27 0,1M+
14 Fabrice Rakotondraibe Fabrice Rakotondraibe MAD M 28
Tsito Razafindrasata Tsito Razafindrasata MAD M 26
Zotsara Randriambololona Zotsara Randriambololona MAD M 28
Tsiry Tokinantenaina Tsiry Tokinantenaina MAD M 26
Tokinanienaina Randriatsiferana Tokinanienaina Randriatsiferana MAD M
Ramanjary Theodin Roger Ramanjary Theodin Roger MAD M
Tsiry Randriantsiferana Tsiry Randriantsiferana MAD M
Koloina Razafidranaivo Koloina Razafidranaivo MAD M
Jean-Claude Marobe Jean-Claude Marobe M 37

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
2 Carolus Andria Carolus Andria MAD F 33 1,3M+ 49
26 Julio Donisa Julio Donisa MAD F 28 0,5M+ 45
13 Dorian Bertrand Dorian Bertrand MAD F 29 0,4M+ 45
11 Paulin Voavy Paulin Voavy MAD F 34 0,3M+
Njiva Rakotoharimalala Njiva Rakotoharimalala MAD F 30 0,3M+
9 Alexandre Ramalingon Alexandre Ramalingon MAD F 29 0,2M+
Ando Rakotondrazaka Ando Rakotondrazaka MAD F 34 0,1M+
Arnaud Randrianantenaina Arnaud Randrianantenaina MAD F 20

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
20 Thomas Fontaine Thomas Fontaine MAD D 31 1,0M+ 47
24 Kenji Van Boto Kenji Van Boto MAD D 26 0,7M+ 47
23 Jerome Mombris Jerome Mombris MAD D 34 0,3M+ 50
4 Mamy Randrianarisoa Mamy Randrianarisoa MAD D 37 0,1M+
Fabien Boyer Fabien Boyer MAD D 31
61 Rémy Vita Rémy Vita MAD D 21 46
Rajo Razafindrabe Rajo Razafindrabe MAD D 25
19 Lalaina Manampisoa Lalaina Manampisoa MAD D 26
Sacha Vandersteene Sacha Vandersteene MAD D
Jules Solonantenaina Jules Solonantenaina MAD D
Doda Rafanomezantsoa Doda Rafanomezantsoa MAD D 31

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
18 Adrien Melvin Adrien Melvin MAD G 27 0,1M+
60 Mathyas Randriamamy Mathyas Randriamamy MAD G 18
Andrianirina Rajomazandry Andrianirina Rajomazandry MAD G 28
Ibrahima Dabo Ibrahima Dabo G 30
Zakanirina Rakotoasimbola Zakanirina Rakotoasimbola MAD G
Chrétien Andriamifehy Chrétien Andriamifehy MAD G 30

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Tsilavina Fanomezantsoa Tsilavina Fanomezantsoa
Rojo Andriamanjato Rojo Andriamanjato
Lalaina Rafanomezantsoa Lalaina Rafanomezantsoa
Tantely Randrianiaina Tantely Randrianiaina
Nina Razakanirina Nina Razakanirina
Soloniaina Avizara Soloniaina Avizara
Nourah Safidinomenjanahary Nourah Safidinomenjanahary
Onjaniaina Hasinirina Onjaniaina Hasinirina
Solomampionona Razafindranaivo Solomampionona Razafindranaivo
Solojantovo Rakotoarisoa Solojantovo Rakotoarisoa
Tokinantenaina Olivier Randriatsiferana Tokinantenaina Olivier Randriatsiferana
Tsilavina Ramahandrison Tsilavina Ramahandrison
Eddit Bastia Eddit Bastia
Rayan Hery Rajaonarivelo Rayan Hery Rajaonarivelo
Naina Theo Urbain Naina Theo Urbain
Jean Martin Rakotonirina Jean Martin Rakotonirina
Fenohasina Gilles Razafimaro Fenohasina Gilles Razafimaro
Maminiaina Rafenoarisoa Maminiaina Rafenoarisoa
Dieudonné Henri Rafanomezantsoa Dieudonné Henri Rafanomezantsoa
Tantely Avotraniaina Rabarijaona Tantely Avotraniaina Rabarijaona
Tendry Manovo Mataniah Randrianarijaona Tendry Manovo Mataniah Randrianarijaona
Nantenaina Elysee Tony Randriamanampisoa Nantenaina Elysee Tony Randriamanampisoa
Kalvin Paul Kalvin Paul
Tendry Manovo Mataniah Randrianarijaona Tendry Manovo Mataniah Randrianarijaona MAD 24
Razanakoto Razanakoto MAD
Tantely Antoine Randrianiaina Tantely Antoine Randrianiaina MAD 33
Nantenaina Elysee Tony Randriamanampisoa Nantenaina Elysee Tony Randriamanampisoa MAD 28


Football, Madagascar, Team Madagascar. Original team name: Madagascar.

In the team Madagascar 69 players. Legionnaires composed of: 69 (100%). The total value of the team players is 0 €. The highest-paid player Madagascar is Marco Ilaimaharitra. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

Nicolas Dupuis — head coach of the team Madagascar. Nicolas Dupuis spent 61 of the match as part of the team coach Madagascar. Won 24 wins, 18 draws and 19 defeats. Points scored: 90. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

The main stadium of the Madagascar team is Mahamasina Municipal Stadium in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Nicolas Dupuis
Nicolas Dupuis
Total games
24 (39.3%)
18 (29.5%)
19 (31.1%)
Points scored
Average points per game


Mahamasina Municipal Stadium