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Moldova (Moldova MDA)

Player Roster

Total players
12 (24%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
5 Iulia Petelca Iulia Petelca MDA F
19 Bianca Druţă Bianca Druţă MDA F 20
20 Alina Chirica Alina Chirica MDA F 17
15 Irina Topal Irina Topal MDA F
19 Nadejda Petrovscaia Nadejda Petrovscaia MDA F
Ludmila Caraman Ludmila Caraman MDA F 36
Iuliana Colnic Iuliana Colnic MDA F 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
10 Carolina Tabur Carolina Tabur MDA M
17 Daniela Mardari Daniela Mardari MDA M
18 Diana Loghin Diana Loghin MDA M
14 Cristina Musteață Cristina Musteață MDA M
11 Claudia Chiper Claudia Chiper MDA M
9 Anastasia Toma Anastasia Toma MDA M
6 Veronica Cojuhari Veronica Cojuhari MDA M
16 Alexandra Trofimov Alexandra Trofimov MDA M
21 Daria Mesina Daria Mesina MDA M
Nadejda Colesnicenco Nadejda Colesnicenco MDA M 25
4 Liliana Șoltoian Liliana Șoltoian MDA M
6 Nina Darenscaia Nina Darenscaia MDA M
9 Elina Coceanovschi Elina Coceanovschi MDA M
13 Eugenia Railean Eugenia Railean MDA M
22 Alina Brînza Alina Brînza MDA M 17
19 Tatiana Peșterean Tatiana Peșterean MDA M 17
3 Mihaela Catarău Mihaela Catarău MDA M 18
13 Mihaela Gamarț Mihaela Gamarț MDA M 17

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
4 Ana Arnautu Ana Arnautu MDA D
2 Cristina Cerescu Cristina Cerescu D
13 Violeta Mitul Violeta Mitul MDA D
8 Anastasia Sivolobova Anastasia Sivolobova MDA D
22 Victoria Țurcanu Victoria Țurcanu MDA D
Mihaela Burdeniuc Mihaela Burdeniuc MDA D 18
Francesca Covali Francesca Covali MDA D 17
2 Șarlaston Rotari Șarlaston Rotari MDA D 20
Valeria Rusu Valeria Rusu MDA D 24

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
12 Natalia Munteanu Natalia Munteanu MDA G 27
1 Margarita Panova Margarita Panova MDA G
23 Daniela Cuțuruba Daniela Cuțuruba MDA G
Evghenia Dumic Evghenia Dumic MDA G 18
Alina Saitan Alina Saitan MDA G 30

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Dumitrita Prisacari Dumitrita Prisacari
Andreea Costin Andreea Costin
Carina Doiban Carina Doiban
Stela-Aleina Tez Stela-Aleina Tez
Doina Ciobanu Doina Ciobanu
Felicia Guțu Felicia Guțu
Anisia Său Anisia Său
Lia Vlas Lia Vlas
Rimma Musabeh Rimma Musabeh
Anastasia Cernitu Anastasia Cernitu
Olesea Terentiev Olesea Terentiev


Football, Moldova, Team Moldova. Original team name: Moldova.

In the team Moldova 50 players. Legionnaires composed of: 12 (24%).

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.