San Marino U17

San Marino (San Marino U17 SMR)

Player Roster

Total players
6 (30%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Jacopo Pari Jacopo Pari
Nicolò Mularoni Nicolò Mularoni
Fabio Borasco Fabio Borasco
Giacomo Benvenuti Giacomo Benvenuti
Matteo Valli Casadei Matteo Valli Casadei
Tommaso Benvenuti Tommaso Benvenuti

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Federico Domeniconi Federico Domeniconi SMR D
Federico Ciacci Federico Ciacci SMR D
Samuele Ugolini Samuele Ugolini SMR D
Pietro Renzi Pietro Renzi SMR D
Simone Riccardi Simone Riccardi SMR D

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Enrico Giacobbi Enrico Giacobbi SMR M
Simone Gasperoni Simone Gasperoni SMR M
Giacomo Molinari Giacomo Molinari SMR M
Andrea Bollini Andrea Bollini SMR M
Tommy Cervellini Tommy Cervellini SMR M

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Nicko Sensoli Nicko Sensoli SMR F
Arda Kaan Yazici Arda Kaan Yazici SMR F
Alex Caddy Alex Caddy SMR F
Tommaso Famiglietti Tommaso Famiglietti SMR F


U17 European Championship, Qual. U17 European Championship, Qual.
Round 3
26-10-2021 San Marino U17 - Romania U17 0 - 5
Round 2
23-10-2021 Russia U17 - San Marino U17 6 - 1
Round 1
20-10-2021 Germany U17 - San Marino U17 11 - 0
Round 3
30-10-2019 San Marino U17 - Romania U17 0 - 6
Round 2
27-10-2019 Switzerland U17 - San Marino U17 7 - 0
Round 1
24-10-2019 Russia U17 - San Marino U17 7 - 0

San Marino U17

Football, San Marino, Team San Marino U17. Original team name: San Marino U17.

In the team San Marino U17 20 players. Legionnaires composed of: 6 (30%).

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