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Township Rollers FC – team performance Football, Botswana


Township Rollers FC

Botswana (Township Rollers FC BWA)

Player Roster

Total players
26 (100%)
899 000 €
Team cost
128 429 €
Average player value

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
34 Kabelo Dambe Kabelo Dambe BOT G 32 0,2M+
23 Keagile Kgosipula Keagile Kgosipula BOT G 26

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
23 Mogakolodi Ngele Mogakolodi Ngele BOT M 31 0,1M+
Ntesang Simanyana Ntesang Simanyana BOT M 30 0,0M+
Maano Ditshupo Maano Ditshupo BOT M 37
11 Segolame Boy Segolame Boy BOT M 29
Kago Monyake Kago Monyake BOT M 23
Edwin Moalosi Edwin Moalosi BOT M 33
Abednico Powell Abednico Powell BOT M 39

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Lemponye Tshireletso Lemponye Tshireletso BOT F 35 0,1M+
Galabgwe Moyana Galabgwe Moyana BOT F 32 0,1M+
Michelle Katsvairo Michelle Katsvairo ZIM F 31 0,1M+
18 Ovella Ochieng Ovella Ochieng KEN F 21 0,1M+
17 Tlhalefo Molebatsi Tlhalefo Molebatsi BOT F 26
Motsholetsi Sikele Motsholetsi Sikele BOT F 30
Bogosi Mfila Bogosi Mfila BOT F 32
Boyo Lechaena Boyo Lechaena BOT F 24
Ocean Lottering Ocean Lottering BOT F 23
Benjamin Sarkoh Benjamin Sarkoh LBR F 26

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Percy More Percy More BOT D 28
Kaone van der Westhuizen Kaone van der Westhuizen BOT D 27
Thato Bolweleng Thato Bolweleng BOT D 30
Oscar Ncenga Oscar Ncenga BOT D 37
6 Onkarabile Ratanang Onkarabile Ratanang BOT D 23
Mosha Gaolaolwe Mosha Gaolaolwe BOT D 28
Edwin Olerile Edwin Olerile BOT D 36

Township Rollers FC

Football, Botswana, Team Township Rollers FC. Original team name: Township Rollers FC.

In the team Township Rollers FC 26 players. Legionnaires composed of: 26 (100%). The total value of the team players is 0 €. The highest-paid player Township Rollers FC is Kabelo Dambe. Physically, indicators, nationality, position, market value and a list of starting compositions are available on the player’s page.

Hassan Oktay — head coach of the team Township Rollers FC. Hassan Oktay spent 15 of the match as part of the team coach Township Rollers FC. Won 5 wins, 1 draws and 9 defeats. Points scored: 16. The number of points scored over a career indicates the effectiveness of the coach.

On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 11 9
Average total games 2.2 2.45 1.89
Average goals scored 1.6 1.73 1.44
Average goals conceded 0.6 0.73 0.44

Relative indicators

Over: 60%
Under: 40%
Total 1.5
Over: 45%
Under: 55%
Total 2.5
Over: 20%
Under: 80%
Total 3.5


Hassan Oktay
Hassan Oktay
Date of birth
Total games
5 (33.3%)
1 (6.7%)
9 (60%)
Points scored
Average points per game