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Wales U18 – team performance Football, Wales


Wales U18

Wales (Wales U18 WAL)

Player Roster

Total players
7 (33.3%)

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Ronnie Hollingshead Ronnie Hollingshead WAL G 18

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Benjamin Purcell Benjamin Purcell WAL M 17
40 Morgan Williams Morgan Williams WAL M 17
45 Cameron Congreve Cameron Congreve WAL M 18
Mathaeus Roberts Mathaeus Roberts WAL M 17
48 Joel Cotterill Joel Cotterill WAL M 17
36 Ben Lloyd Ben Lloyd WAL M 17
30 Harry Jewitt-White Harry Jewitt-White WAL M 18
34 Joel Colwill Joel Colwill WAL M 17
Morgan Wigley Morgan Wigley WAL M 18

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Christopher Popov Christopher Popov
Lewis Ridd Lewis Ridd
Scott Godden Scott Godden
33 Sonny Fish Sonny Fish ENG
James Crole James Crole
Ben Hammond Ben Hammond
Kai Ludvigsen Kai Ludvigsen

# Player Country Pos Age Rating
Zac Bell Zac Bell WAL D 19
Justin Hanks Justin Hanks WAL D 17
50 Harrison Bright Harrison Bright WAL D 18
44 Murphy Bennett Murphy Bennett WAL D 17

Wales U18

Football, Wales, Team Wales U18. Original team name: Wales U18.

In the team Wales U18 21 players. Legionnaires composed of: 7 (33.3%).

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