Montpellier Handball

France (Montpellier Handball FRA)

Player Roster

Total players
Average age
17 (68%)

# Player Country Pos Age
5 Kyllian Villeminot Kyllian Villeminot FRA 22
Lucas Pellas Lucas Pellas SWE 25
Mathis Mougin Mathis Mougin
Hugo Julian Hugo Julian
Charles Bolzinger Charles Bolzinger
Arthur Lenne Arthur Lenne
Lucas Pellas Lucas Pellas SWE 25
2 Paul Louis Guiraudou Paul Louis Guiraudou FRA 20
13 Julien Bos Julien Bos FRA 22
18 Fredric Pettersson Fredric Pettersson SWE 32
15 Marco Mengon Marco Mengon ITA 21
11 Giorgi Tskhovrebadze Giorgi Tskhovrebadze GEO 20
28 Valentin Porte Valentin Porte FRA 30
Benjamin Bataille Benjamin Bataille
22 Alexis Hernandez Borges Alexis Hernandez Borges POR 29
28 Gilberto Duarte Gilberto Duarte POR 30
22 Melvyn Richardson Melvyn Richardson FRA 24
32 Yanis Lenne Yanis Lenne FRA 24
4 Diego Simonet Diego Simonet ARG 31
7 Jonas Truchanovicius Jonas Truchanovicius LTU 27
4 Hugo Descat Hugo Descat FRA 28
39 Mohamed Soussi Mohamed Soussi TUN 28
Alexis Berthier Alexis Berthier

# Player Country Pos Age
16 Marin Šego Marin Šego CRO G 35
12 Kevin Bonnefoi Kevin Bonnefoi FRA G 29

Montpellier Handball

Handball, France, Team Montpellier Handball. Original team name: Montpellier Handball.

Montpellier Handball takes part in the championship Coupe de France, France.

In the team Montpellier Handball 25 players. Legionnaires composed of: 17 (68%). Average age of team players 26,4 years.

Patrice Canayer — head coach of the team Montpellier Handball.

Team Next Match Montpellier Handball will take place 15th May 2021 : Paris Saint-Germain Handball – Montpellier Handball. On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.