THW Kiel

Germany (THW Kiel DEU)

Player Roster

Total players
Average age
30 (100%)

# Player Country Pos Age
6 Harald Reinkind Harald Reinkind NOR 28
3 Sven Ehrig Sven Ehrig GER 20
99 Mattias Andersson Mattias Andersson SWE 43
16 Philip Hartwig Saggau Philip Hartwig Saggau
Leon Ciudad Benitez Leon Ciudad Benitez
27 Malte Yannik Voigt Malte Yannik Voigt GER 28
18 Alfred Jonsson Alfred Jonsson SWE 23
3 Nejc Cehte Nejc Cehte SLO 28
10 Johan a Plogv Hansen Johan a Plogv Hansen DEN 27
Oskar Sunnefeldt Oskar Sunnefeldt SWE 23
18 Bevan Calvert Bevan Calvert
5 Ivan Martinović Ivan Martinović CRO 23
14 Evgeni Pevnov Evgeni Pevnov GER 32
34 Ilija Brozović Ilija Brozović CRO 29
19 Šime Ivić Šime Ivić CRO 28
7 Magnus Landin Jacobsen Magnus Landin Jacobsen DEN 25
22 Philipp Maximilian Wäger Philipp Maximilian Wäger
10 Sander Sagosen Sander Sagosen NOR 25
53 Nikola Bilyk Nikola Bilyk AUT 24
28 Pavel Horak Pavel Horak CZE 38
1 Niklas Landin Jacobsen Niklas Landin Jacobsen DEN 32
23 Rune Dahmke Rune Dahmke GER 28
24 Miha Zarabec Miha Zarabec SLO 29
18 Niclas Ekberg Niclas Ekberg SWE 32
13 Steffen Weinhold Steffen Weinhold GER 34
17 Patrick Wiencek Patrick Wiencek GER 32
61 Hendrik Pekeler Hendrik Pekeler GER 29
4 Domagoj Duvnjak Domagoj Duvnjak CRO 32
Filip Jicha Filip Jicha CZE 39

# Player Country Pos Age
21 Dario Quenstedt Dario Quenstedt GER G 31

THW Kiel

Handball, Germany, Team THW Kiel. Original team name: THW Kiel.

THW Kiel takes part in the championship DHB Pokal, Germany.

In the team THW Kiel 30 players. Legionnaires composed of: 30 (100%). Average age of team players 29,3 years.

Filip Jicha — head coach of the team THW Kiel.

Team Next Match THW Kiel will take place 12th May 2021 : THW Kiel – Paris Saint-Germain Handball. On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.