Tappara Tampere

Finland (Tappara Tampere FIN)

Player Roster

Total players
Average age
17 (51.5%)

# Player Country Pos Age
81 Jukka Peltola Jukka Peltola FIN F 34
19 Veli-Matti Savinainen Veli-Matti Savinainen FIN F 36
11 Patrick Virta Patrick Virta FIN F 26
3 Charles Bertrand Charles Bertrand FRA F 31

# Player Country Pos Age
Kristian Tanus Kristian Tanus FIN
Viljami Nieminen Viljami Nieminen
Otto Leskinen Otto Leskinen FIN
Juho Koivusaari Juho Koivusaari
Oskari Luoto Oskari Luoto
Paavo Kohonen Paavo Kohonen
Saku Salminen Saku Salminen
Santtu Kinnunen Santtu Kinnunen
Sami Moilanen Sami Moilanen FIN
Anton Levtchi Anton Levtchi
Otto Rauhala Otto Rauhala
Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko
Jere Henriksson Jere Henriksson
71 Kristian Kuusela Kristian Kuusela FIN 39
Tomas Hamara Tomas Hamara
Mikael Seppala Mikael Seppala FIN
86 Tyler Morley Tyler Morley CAN 30
Topi Ronni Topi Ronni

# Player Country Pos Age
98 Jānis Kalniņš Jānis Kalniņš LAT G 29
66 Kari Piiroinen Kari Piiroinen FIN G 20

# Player Country Pos Age
52 Otso Rantakari Otso Rantakari FIN D 28
41 Joni Tuulola Joni Tuulola FIN D 25
33 Veli-Matti Vittasmaki Veli-Matti Vittasmaki FIN D 31
61 Casimir Jurgens Casimir Jurgens FIN D 26
57 Brady Austin Brady Austin CAN D 29
Left front forward

# Player Country Pos Age
46 Joona Luoto Joona Luoto FIN L 24
15 Petteri Puhakka Petteri Puhakka FIN L 21
Right front forward

# Player Country Pos Age
9 Waltteri Merela Waltteri Merela FIN R 23
71 Kyle Platzer Kyle Platzer CAN R 27

Tappara Tampere

Ice Hockey, Finland, Team Tappara Tampere. Original team name: Tappara Tampere.

Tappara Tampere takes part in the championship Liiga, Finland.

In the team Tappara Tampere 33 players. Legionnaires composed of: 17 (51.5%). Average age of team players 28,2 years.

The main stadium of the Tappara Tampere team is Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland. Stadium capacity Nokia Arena is 13 455 people.

Team Next Match Tappara Tampere will take place 17th September 2022 : Oulun Kärpät – Tappara Tampere. On the matches page you can track the series, team statistics, the history of the movement of the coefficients, as well as videos of interesting moments.


Arithmetic mean

At Total Home Away
Total Games 20 12 8
Average total games 4.4 4.25 4.63
Average goals scored 2.9 2.92 2.88
Average goals conceded 1.5 1.33 1.75
Goals in powerplay 0.6 0.67 0.5
Shorthanded goals 0.1 0.17 0
Penalty minutes 4.85 4.92 4.75

Relative indicators

Over: 45%
Under: 55%
Total 4.5
Over: 30%
Under: 70%
Total 5.5
Over: 20%
Under: 80%
Total 6.5


Nokia Arena
13 455