Sports Events and Odds API

Connect the SportScore API to your projects

Expanded sports statistics for five sports: football, basketball, tennis, handball and volleyball.

Detailed information about teams, data of standings, players, coaches, starting lineups, team stadiums, pre / live odds, odds history, match locations, video goals and dangerous moments.

Analysis statistics xG. Live score (15s) and match incidents in real time.

With our data, you can create your own sports performance website, mobile application, or social page. networks with vivid video cuts of dangerous moments of sports matches.

Add our XG stats and odds history. and get a unique betting strategy in bookmakers offices


What data do we provide

Common questions

Can I test the API?

You can use a free plan for Rapid API

How often is the data updated?

We update live event data in real time, you can connect to our socket server for zero delays. Leagues, tournaments, teams and players are updated every minute.

Do you provide odds?

Yes. We provide a line of odds Bet365 and Marathon, as well as a history of odds change

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You can watch examples code for each API endpoint

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